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Two-year old Adult dog available

Anton is a sweet dog with special needs!! He was born January 1, 2022 and nursed and grew like a normal puppy.  He has limited sight but manages just fine.  I am looking to find him a home where he would be with one other dog or by himself.  If you are interested in meeting Anton please give me a call.

Litter Due in April 2024

Litter arrived April 4, 2024, see Whelping Box page 

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July.  G

Please contact me for information on upcoming litters for 2024

Never Look Back Unless You Want To See Just How Far You've Come


I breed according to the Cocker Spaniel Standard as approved by the American Kennel Club and the American Spaniel Club (the parent club for Cocker Spaniels in the United States).   I breed Cockers with great temperaments that not only do well in the show ring but make for wonderful family companions.  My breedings are done to primarily keep a puppy to show but I cannot exhibit them all, therefore, I usually have puppies available to the right home.  My puppies are well socialized, friendly, outgoing Cocker Spaniels that make exceptional life-long family members. I have been active in the sport of pure-bred dogs for about 35 years.  I have put obedience titles on my dogs as well as finished their AKC championships.  I am the current President of the Cocker Spaniel Club of New Jersey. I am a member of the American Spaniel Club (the parent club for Cockers in the USA), I was also very active in the Connecticut-Westchester Cocker Spaniel Club (president and secretary,) and the Ramapo Kennel Club (treasurer). 

As an AKC Bronze Breeder of Merit, I strive to produce healthy, sound Cockers with friendly, outgoing temperaments and merry, happy attitudes. I only have on average, 2 or 3 litters a year, I am not a high-volume breeder by any means.  "Quality NOT Quantity".  If you are interested in one of my puppies, please contact me.  I accept Deposits/Holding Fees to reserve my puppies in advance of their birth.  If you wait until the litter has been born, most likely they will all be reserved.  All breedings are planned after carefully evaluating pedigrees and confirming the health testing of both the sire and dam.

My puppy families are encouraged to keep in touch with me throughout the life of the dog. I am available anytime, day or night if you ever need my assistance or advice. I am available to help your groomer learn to trim this breed correctly.  If you have medical questions about your puppy, I am not a veterinarian but having been in dogs for over 30 years, I may be able to help.  Just give me a call.  I feel very strongly about NOT over vaccinating my puppies and adult dogs and require that my puppy buyers follow the Nomograph done by the CAVIDS lab at the University of Wisconsin for vaccinating their puppy.  All of my advice and suggestions are ALWAYS, first and foremost, with the best interest in the health of the puppy.  A sample of my contract is available here on my website for your review.  

All puppies that are sold as family companions will receive an AKC Limited Registration and are not to be used for breeding purposes. If you are interested in a possible show prospect puppy with an AKC Full Registration, I am willing to discuss that option with you. 

As a responsible breeder, if for any reason, during the life of your dog, your circumstances change and you are unable to provide for your puppy, I ask that you return the dog to me. Thus, I can make sure that the puppies I bring into this world will always have the wonderful life they deserve and will not end up in a shelter or with a rescue organization.  A responsible breeder takes care of all the puppies they produce throughout their entire lives.  

Note: If you are contacting me because your last cocker was hit by a car, I am probably not the breeder for you.  I don't want to lose one of my puppies that way and won't sell you a puppy.  I want my puppies to go to responsible owners who understand that allowing your dog to get hit by a car is not an accident, it's negligence.  


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in one of my puppies or just have a general question about Cocker Spaniels. I am always glad to help. Best wishes in your search for a new puppy.  







I'm a hobby and show breeder of champion brown and black Cocker Spaniels.  All my dogs are AKC champions (CH) and some have even become grand champions (GCH), but more importantly they are my loving companions.  I am the co-breeder of GCHP Sovran's La Rejouissance (Flora), the No.1 Cocker Spaniel in the country for 2019.  Flora recently became the first female in the history of the breed to earn a PLATINUM GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.  See my FEMALES page for more information on Flora's show career.  I am proud to have bred the Best Black Cocker Spaniel at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2017 (Alicia) and 2020 (Flora - Alicia's daughter).  Flora's son Freddie born in July 2021 has now earned his Grand Championship too.  Freddie is sired by GCH Sovran N Max Fire Away!

Proud to be a 



with the

American Kennel Club

Copy of Cocker Spaniel Ciub of New Jersey Logo_edited_edited.png

"...above all they must be

Copied from the Standard for a
Cocker Spaniel 
as published by the
American Spaniel Club

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