Litter due in June 2021 
CH PBJ's Parti Swag x GCH Max Set Fire To The Rain
Litter arrived 6/20/2021
2 males, 4 females
All spoken for, thank you



Litter due in July 2021 
GCH Sovran N Max Fire Away! x GCHP Sovran's La Rejouissance


Litter arrived June 3, 2020 
GCH Sovran N Max Fire Away! x CH Max N Trevor Light My Fire

2 black males, 1 black female
All puppies from this litter are reserved.


Litter arrived May 15, 2020
CH Max My Way Or The Highway x CH Max N Sovran Set The World On Fire
1 black male, 1 black female, 2 brown males
All puppies from this litter are reserved.

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ava's litter.jpg
ava's litter 3.jpg

Litter arrived December 1, 2019

Sire and dam have been fully health tested.

(PRA, OFA, Thyroid, CERF/CAER)  

1 Black Male, 1 Brown Male, 1 Brown/Tan Male, 1 Black Female,

2 Black/Tan Females (all reserved)



      CH PBJ's Parti Swag                                   GCH Max Set Fire To The Rain




This is an outstanding litter!  These are some of the prettiest puppies I have ever seen.



Litter arrived January 22, 2019

Gold GCH Sovran's Aranjuez          x         GCH Max Set Fire To The Rain


UPDATE: Beautiful litter of EIGHT puppies - 1 black/tan male,

2 black males, 1 brown male, 2 black females, 1 brown female,

1 brown/tan female. 

Both the sire and dam have had extensive health testing prior to planning this breeding.

Edited Image 2014-11-10-11:39:51

Litter arrived September 18, 2018

GCH Tru-Luv's Eyecatcher For Tsunami x CH Carney Hollow's Call Me Gracie

 FOUR beautiful buff girls!

These puppies are all reserved.

Gracie Red 2.jpg

Litter arrived November 12, 2017

Max Amore Abbracci E Baci x CH Max Come Fly Away

Two Brown males, Four Brown/Tan females


Litter arrived September 8, 2017

CH Max My Way Or The Highway x CH Max By The Light Of The Moon

Two Brown/Tan Males

(both of these boys are spoken for)

Litter arrived March 1, 2017

GCH Tsunami's Dress Code x CH Max Come Fly Away

1 Black/Tan male, 1 Black/Tan female, 1 Brown male and 3 Brown/Tan females

These puppies are all spoken for.

Litter arrived March 3, 2017

GCH Tsunami's Dress Code x CH Carney Hollow's Call Me Gracie

1 Black/Tan male and 1 Black/Tan female

These puppies are both spoken for.

Litter Arrived June 28, 2016

GCH Tsunami's Dress Code x CH Max Come Fly Away

2 Black girls, 2 Black/Tan boys, 2 Brown/Tan boys 

Litter Arrived January 30, 2016

Beautiful litter of 2 black females, 2 black males and 1 brown/tan male.  These puppies are all reserved.   


RBIS, Am GCH, Can CH Tsunami's Dress Code


Adam is owned and bred by Elena Sicurella of Tsunami Cockers        

CH Tray-Jo's N Max Come Fly With Me


This is a very exciting litter for me.  

I have wanted to use Adam with one of my girls for a long time. 

He is a stunning black and tan dog that has produced some very pretty puppies. 

Both sire and dam are OFA Good, CERF Clear.  Although Margot is a PRA-prcd Carrier, Adam is PRA-prcd Normal/Clear so none of these puppies will be afflicted with PRA.  The puppy I kept from this litter (Max Set Fire To The Rain, black bitch) has already been tested for PRA and she is Clear/Normal.

There are no puppies available from this litter.


Litter Arrived November 9, 2015


CH Max My Way Or The Highway 


CH Max By The Light Of The Moon


This breeding is a repeat of the Mitchell and Miller litter (see below for photos from that litter).  I anticipated that this litter would be all brown/tan since both the sire and dam are brown/tan....., surprise, surprise, we had a brown tri boy.  Travis' grand sire is a parti-color but Madison does not have parti-color for at least 4 generations in her pedigree.  Just amazing how the parti-color gene showed up after all this time. 

Wonderful temperaments on these puppies.

Whelped on November 9, 2015. One brown/tan male (sold), one brown tri male (sold), one brown/tan female (sold).

Ollie, Meeks and Morgan have gone to their new homes.

Litter Arrived May 13, 2015

These two boys have gone to their new homes.

CH Max My Way Or The Highway 


CH Max By The Light Of The Moon



Two big beautiful boys!  Welcome to the world brothers Mitchell and Miller.  Both weighed 8 5/8 oz at birth and are already up to 13 oz three days later.  I had two families specifically waiting for boys so these puppies are spoken for.

Litter whelped October 19, 2014

These puppies have all been sold.


CH Max My Way Or The Highway



CH Max By The Light Of The Moon



  Below is the x-ray that was taken on October 15th. 

  Puppies are a few days old in these photos, two girls, one boy, all brown and tan.

  Two weeks old!  Their eyes have opened and they received their first hair cuts. Their eyes are blue when they first open but will darken within a few weeks.


Max Maximillion

now called Ludo by his new owners Donna and Dave


Max Honey Moon

now called Pippa by her new owner Brooke


Max Moonstruck

now called Cocoa by her new owners Carole and Frank

CH Max Come Fly Away

Litter whelped June 28, 2014


Sired by GCH Tray-Jo's Moonlit Garden (black) out of CH Max Come Fly Away (brown).   This was a lovely litter of 2 black girls, 1 brown girl and 1 brown boy.  


Max N Tray-Jo's Fly By Night

(brown boy owned by Dee in Delaware)


Max Make Mine Mink

(brown girl loved by her new family in Charlotte, NC )


Max Abby Island Girl

(black girl owned by George and Noreen)


Max Midnight Jasmine

(black girl owned by Chris, Brian and family)


GCH Tray-Jo's Moonlit Garden

MiMi is being a wonderful first-time mom.  She is relaxed and yet she takes her motherly duties very seriously, exactly how you want mother dogs to be!