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Cars and Crates

Of course we always want to keep our dogs safe....

Here are a few scenarios that you can avoid if you crate your dog while in the car.

1. Crating prevents your dog from becoming a projectile and crashing threw the windshield in the event of an accident.

2. Crating prevents your dog from possible injury to himself and to other occupants of the car in the event of a serious accident or rollover.

3. Crating prevents your dog from escaping the vehicle if a door or window breaks or if an EMT opens the door to assist the driver and passengers.  The last thing on an EMT's mind is making sure your dog doesn't run off. Crating prevents the dog from running off into unfamiliar territory or possibly running into traffic and getting hit by a car.

4. Crating saves your dog from getting crushed and killed by an exploding airbag.

The safest place for your dog when traveling in the car is in a Medium/200 sized VariKennel (plastic, hard-sided crate) that has been securely fastened to the back seat of your car.  Never put your dog in the passenger seat where an airbag can explode.  The force can easily kill a dog.

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