Frequently Asked Questions About the Cocker Spaniel

1.  What about this breed makes it a wonderful family companion?

IF bred correctly, the Cocker Spaniel can be a wonderful family companion.  Temperament is hereditary so it's important that your new puppy comes from solid breeding stock with infallible temperaments.  Cocker Spaniels prefer to be followers and not leaders.  They do best with owners who are familiar with the breed and who can set boundaries for the puppy.  Firm but gentle leadership helps produce a well trained, obedient dog that is a pleasure to live with.  Some basic obedience classes can teach you how to train your dog and can help build a foundation for you to handle any behavioral problems you may encounter.   Cocker puppies have high energy and are perfect for families with children who can help focus that energy in a safe environment. Cockers love to run, play fetch and will retrieve all day long if you let them!   

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