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What Every Responsible Cocker Owner

Needs to Know

The ONLY vaccine that is required by LAW is RABIES.  Once your puppy has completed their 'Puppy Shots" of Parvovirus and Distemper THE ONLY VACCINE REQUIRED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IS RABIES.  All other vaccines (Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Bordetella aka Kennel Cough, Parainfluenza, Canine Influenza, Adenovirus) are NOT required by law and are NOT required every year or even every three years.   Do not allow your veterinarian to over vaccinate your puppy/dog.  If you are concerned about whether your dog has adequate immunity against these diseases then please do a TITER TEST.  Here is the link to information on titer testing:

The safest place for your puppy is in a crate. 

When you are sleeping or if you leave your home, the safest place for your puppy is in a secure crate or puppy playpen.  Young dogs are like toddlers and can/will get into trouble if unsupervised.  Teach your puppy that their crate is a quiet place for resting and sleeping.  I recommend the Midwest Puppy Playpen in the 24" x 36" size.  It allows enough room to move around.  Midwest also makes Snap'y Fit bowls that attach to the side of the puppy playpen to prevent food and water from spilling.  

The safest place for your puppy is WITH you! 

Do not allow your veterinarian to take your dog or puppy into the back area for routine procedures that can be done in front of you.  You would never allow your pediatrician to take your child out of your sight, it's no different with your dog.  Be a pro-active dog owner and ask questions regarding all treatments that your puppy is receiving.  Do not hesitate to stop any procedure that you are not comfortable with.  Your puppy's life could be at risk.  There is no reason why your puppy should be subjected to additional stress when at your veterinary clinic.   Often procedures that are done in the back room cannot be undone (i.e.; vaccines). 

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