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Max She's Outta Sight


Her name is Pickle.  But I love to call her Piccolini.  She was born on March 15, 2013, weighing 6.5 oz and ready to meet the world.  Only problem was, Pickle was born with a cleft lip that prevented her from nursing from her mother, although she NEVER stopped trying.  She required round-the-clock tube feeding for the first three weeks of her life.  After that, she was able to eat softened kibble and eventually progressed to being able to eat normal food without any assistance.  At 21 days old, her eyes still had not opened.  Most cocker spaniel puppy eyes open at about 11 days old.  I was extremely concerned.  Pickle and I took a trip to the UPenn Pediatric Puppy Department in Philadelphia where I learned she was going to be sightless.  I cried for this poor puppy, my heart was breaking.  After weeks of working so hard to keep her alive this was devastating news.  But it is what it is and there was nothing I could do to change her condition.  I soon realized it was not going to be a handicap for her and it has never slowed her down.  Seeing how she now lives a very normal life, I do not regret ever giving her the chance...

Look how tiny I was compared to my big brother Jagger!
I had the cutest little farkle face.
This is how I got the nickname "peanut"
I spent a lot of time SLEEPING!
Me and Jagger, so sweet!
Growing Up 
4 months old
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